Quest Q-2m

Q-2m in Blake Sea

Most of the boats, I usually sail are from the same line, but sometimes it’s good to try something new. Quest Q-2m is a quite fresh sailboat powered by BWind engine, which has its own special “touch”.

I would say, that the boat is surprisingly easy to sail, because there is a clear color indication helping to find an optimal sail angle. The heavy keel also seems to keep the boat in balance very efficiently. This boat might be good for those learning basics of sailings, because there are not too many things to adjust and you can’t make to boat go upside down accidentally (also known as capsizing). The jib can be winged out, that is something, which sailors should take care of by themselves, if they want to maximize speed. There is only one real weakness in this boat, because it’s sometimes difficult to perceive wind direction, because there is only numerical indicator in the advanced hud mode. Q-2m is already included in SLSA rankings, that should make it a famous boat in races.

Quest boat models and demos in Eden Gannet

Q-2m supports two persons, skipper included. It’s clearly designed as a racing boat, but still looks beautiful. It should be noticed too, that minimum depth of the water is two meters because of the keel. In Blake Sea and United Sailing Sims area this should not be a problem, but there are shallower waters, where you need to be more careful.

Anyway, Q-2m is a nice and easy boat to sail. You can buy one in Eden Gannet, where the main Quest shipyard is located. All the boats have also demos and manuals available for free.