Goombah Estates

In Second Life there are many wonderful places to live with different strengths and weaknesses. There are countless isolated regions forming a chess board like spray in the world map, but there are also some places, that value continuous landmass offering their residents some common land or water for activities like driving, riding, sailing or flying.

Channel in Dollyville

Map of Goombah

Regions of Goombah Estates form a unique ring-like shape allowing anyone to travel around the estate without teleporting. According to their covenant, they offer waterways and trails with drawbridges to allow horse riding and boating in their area. I decided to rez my Trudeau LeetleCat II in one of their sims and try sailing there. It was quite seamless experience despite of some parcels, where scripting wasn’t allowed. Still, it must be said, that Goombah waters are quite narrow and shallow for sailing. My boat was stuck on sand couple of times, but fortunately raising the center board helped to move on.

The general impression of the place was very positive. Even if they don’t have a strict building code there, most of the houses looked very good and the environment had natural feeling with all the waterfalls, waterways, trees and hills. According to the covenant, architecture and landscaping must be kept sympathetic to the area. My impression was, that riding is more popular in there than boating, but still some parcels had piers with motor boats. Probably kayaking might be the most enjoyable water sports in this area.

Name: Goombah Estates (slurl)
Themes: tropic and grass
Building code: moderate (“sympathetic to the area”)
Common areas: waterways, trails, drawbridges, horse track
Attractions: horse track
Landmass: 36 isolated private regions
Parcel ownership: residents
Tiers: about L$8.5/prim/month, payments via PayPal


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