Western Satori Waterway

Western Satori

Linden Department of Public Works is a program in Linden Labs focused on improvements related to the experience of living on or visiting the Linden mainland. It coordinated creation of Bay City, Nautilus, highways, railroad (in Heterocera Atoll), Blake Sea, Zindra and The Coastal Waterway, which is stillan ongoing project. The actual work is done by Residents and Moles, who are not Linden employees but kind of freelancers, that create content to LL and are paid an hourly rate. Linden lab has recognized their talents and invited them to help on improving mainland. The LDPW program is open to all residents and if you feel talented, you can send LL an application. Currently the program is managed by Michael Linden.


For some time Rodel island has been known as the westernmost lonely island in the strait accessible from Blake Sea. However, moles have done their silent work in the background, that has resulted an enhanced waterway at the western shore of Satori continent. There are several new sailable regions added to the northwest shore and new islands created in Tweehdeck, Orlop, Wardroom, Ballast, Scar, Hathor and Innini.

Aproaching Wardroom

We decided to try the new route from Rodel (slurl) to Innini (slurl) by sailboat. The waterway from Rodel to Orlop was very good and the sailing conditions felt normal too despite of the weekend. Orlop is a mountaneous island with waterfalls and and a cable bridge. It doesn’t have a rez zone.

Wardroom is the next island south from Orlop and has hilly terrain. In the island there is a house, a broken pier (with rez zone), an old boat, some chairs and other detail. The next island to south is Ballast, where you can relax in a hammock between palm trees. For divers there is some nice detail below the sea surface.

The waterway continues to south but channel passing Atira is very narrow. Fortunately after Chloris there is more water to sail again. The last new islands in the sequence were Hathor and Innini, which was my favorite, because of its pier (with a rez zone), hammock and couple of swimming rings, you could use with your friend.


Recently I chatted with one of the Moles about their plans but unfortunately he couldn’t reveal much about them. Who knows, if we can sail around Satori continent in the future but the new waterway is a really nice place for the sailors and the residents of the continent, especially when sailing conditions are good. Great work moles!

At West Shore Of Satori


4 thoughts on “Western Satori Waterway

  1. Great article!! Woots!

    I sailed the new sims with Chaos last night, and they’re fantastic. The coastal simset opens up the whole Northwest shore of Satori to sailing and cruising, and connects it all with the central waterways of Bingo Strait.

    I think this is part of an ongoing plan discussed during DPW Office Hours one year ago. http://wp.me/puBYu-1ik Michael Linden talked about an idea to add coastal water sims that would link waterways in key spots across the various continents. The plan sounded great, but it also seemed costly and ambitious at the time. Few sailors, myself included, ever thought the coastal sim plan would come online.

    Well, we were wrong! :-) Kudos to DPW!!
    The coastal sim expansion in both Sansara and Nautilus actually turned out to be larger and much better than what Michael had initially proposed. http://wp.me/puBYu-1Xl

    That’s now true for Satori too! Instead of just “Four or five coastal sims near Mbokomu,” Satori just received a chain of water sims ten times that large, and it’s fantastic! Thank you Lindens!

  2. Thank you, Jane! :) So good to know, that LL has listened to the concerns of sailors. Michael and his moles have done great work on the coastal waterways really. Let’s hope, they could get more sims to place around the mainland continents.

    • Yes, god bless DPW and the Moles!

      There’s a final bit of unfinished Satori business from Michael’s coastal waterway proposal, however. http://wp.me/puBYu-1ik

      Sailing along Satori’s East Coast is blocked by a large commercial build on Terric sim. DPW proposed installing a short water-sim bypass at that point. It’s shown on an old illustration I did last November:

      I know MarkTwain White and many other sailors support a ‘coastal bypass’ around Terric, but frankly, if it never happens, it’s hard to complain. LL and DPW came through with everything else, and gave sailors more than we asked for.

      Cough… Please don’t think that means we should stop complaining, though! :-)

      Sailing the West Coast of Satori two nights ago, Chaos and I were in a rock-stable boat (Trudeau Twelve), we had strong, fast internet connections, and we were rigged for foul weather (errr… I mean ‘Fowl’ weather :-) ).
      Despite those precautions, we crashed TEN TIMES on sim edges.

      In my opinion, DPW is pretty great, but they can only do so much. Second Life’s ultimate success as a virtual 3D world depends on a stable grid infrastructure. LL needs to provide a reliable – and credible – platform for its many users and investors.

      In my opinion, LL falls far short in that department. I hope it improves.

      • Sounds like you had really bad luck when sailing at Satori coastline. Crashing ten times must not feel like sailing. We were luckier with Q-2m and crashed “only” three times but also that’s too much. The least we can do is to vote for SVC-472, that has been open for years already… I agree with you, Jane, that LL should finally fix their problems to let us enjoy for the virtual life we are paying for.

        Anyway, Terric sim is bit problematic as you said. My opinion is that it could be moved one step to east or south and fill it’s old position with open water sim.

        SL sailing is fun when it works and let’s hope it could get improving. :)

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