Sailing in Nascera

Near the modern part

Nascera is not a typical mainland continent, because look of houses and landscaping there is taken care by Linden Labs instead of residents. Aesthetically this guarantees a very consistent environment, where many new residents have found their first homes. Still, it has attracted some more experienced people too, especially if they already have a premium account, which is the only requirement of citizenship. When living in a Linden house, you have a lot of neighbors, that allows you to make new friends easily, if you are not shy to initiate a chat. :)

The landscape of the continent looks best, when viewed bit further, that may require looking for an open place in the world map. For  some reason frame rates tend to get low near Linden homes.

In the waters of Nascera

How about sailing? Probably sailboats are not often seen in the waters of Nascera. Still, there is at least one less well-known pier (slurl), which you can use to rez your sailboat and start cruising. The southern water area consists of about 30 sims with a lot of open water. It’s a great experience to sail under Hoshigarei bridge, which is an impressive landmark connecting two Japanese-themed shores together. Nascera is a quiet and peaceful place to sail and worth trying for those sailors, who would like to try something new.


4 thoughts on “Sailing in Nascera

  1. You make a good point about Nascera; the Linden control over the sims could be an advantage for some types of sailing events.
    Aquarius Paravane and Bri Hasp both advocated for Nascera sailing three years ago; Lindens were receptive, and responded with better sailing access and infrastructure.
    It may be time to encourage more sailing there. I think a good way to get things rolling might be to sponsor a Leeward cruise, and introduce dozens of sailors to Nascera’s possibilities. I know Chaos, Kitten and Cate are always looking for new cruising ports to visit, and uncharted waterways to explore; it could be a fun sail!

    • Thanks for your response and information, Jane. :) Interesting to learn more about history of sailing in Nascera. Let’s hope, we well get more new waters in the future to sail.

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