Circumventing Terric

Honah Lee from Terric

Those, who ever have sailed the coast of Satori continent, have likely encountered an obstacle in its eastern waters. There is a peninsula-like region called Terric (slurl), which has a huge shopping area. South from it there are some sailable waters, but the only way to access them is to fly or teleport over Terric and rez your boat somewhere after the region.

Fortunately, the recent good news are, that Linden Lab added finally few new sims (Monarque, AlcideBelliqueux and Impetueux) in the east coast of Satori, that allow sailors to bypass this problematic sim by sailing. Some time ago the new waterway in the northwest opened a route to the west coast of Satori and now this new change does the same for the east coast. If Linden Labs keeps on improving waterways in the area, who knows, if we can sail around Satori continent one day in future… :)

There is another change related to the new waterway too. Honah Lee Estates expanded their area to west, filling the cap between their estate and Satori. In other words, there is a nice new waterway connecting United Sailing Sims and mainland. Actually this is the first place outside of Blake Sea, where the USS area connects to the mainland.

In other words, there are new waters and waterways for sailors to explore. Also the aviation fans should be happy for the new airspace.