Dawn of 2013

2012We survived from the much feared day in Mayan calendar without major issues, and now it’s time to wait for the year 2013 of Gregorian calendar. Even if Linden Lab has been very quiet during the whole year, many good things have been brought to Second Life. Mesh support has matured. Region crossing problems have become lesser. High resolution snapshot seam problem was fixed. Mesh Deformer has been under testing and maturation.

In the sailing scene, there have been many new things going on too. Numerous new boats have been built, especially those based on BWind technology. Francois Jacques, the highly respected figure in the sailing community, passed away in real life. The Second Norway joined the Blake Sea, that enriched the area’s spectrum of different styles. The famous Fizz Cup was held and finished successfully.

But what will happen in 2013? Will there be some ground-breaking inventions from LL or residents, that affect to lives of all of us? What about the threaded region crossing changes?

What do you wish and expect?

Dawn of Tomorrow

Dawn of Tomorrow


End of Humanity?

Mayas had a very sophisticated calendar based on planetary positions. Their calendar began in August 11th, 3114 B.C. and the 13th b’ak’tun in their calendar will end in December 21st 2012. But what will happen in that day? Will it be an end of humanity, as some have predicted? Will there be some kind of collapse in the universe as a result of black hole and planetary alignment? Will our magnetic field have hick-ups? What about an avenge of Mayan gods or aliens? Or will it be just another day in the endless sequence?

If you like to study Maya calendar or culture, you can visit in Maya Island. Notice, that there are both skybox and ground lever with different kind of detail.

Planetarium in Maya Island

Planetarium in Maya Island

If you are worried, that the world will end in December 21st, 2012, you can relax. Like our Gregorian calendar, Maya calendar is based on cycles of different lengths:

  • 1 k’in = 1 day
  • 1 winal = 20 k’ins = 20 days
  • 1 tun = 18 winals = 360 days =~ 1 year
  • 1 k’atun = 20 tuns = 7,200 days =~ 20 years
  • 1 b’ak’tun = 20 k’atuns = 144,000 days =~ 394 years
  • 1 piktun = 20 b’ak’tuns = 2,880,000 days =~ 7,885 years
  • 1 kalabtun = 20 piktuns = 57,600,000 days =~ 157,704 years
  • etc.

In Dec 21st a cycle called b’ak’tun (about 394 years) will end and the next b’ak’tun will start. The new b’ak’tun will be 14th one. So, the 13th b’ak’tun doesn’t mean the end of calendar, but just the end of the cycle and the beginning of the next cycle of same length.

It’s very similar to, what happened between Gregorian years 999 and 1000. The three number year format was running out of digits. The only change that took place, was that the fourth digit was added and the first millenium cycle changed in the calendar, that resulted year 1000. In Mayan calendar there will be a new cycle. That’s all.

So, it’s all about cycles, not about the end. No problems at this time, in other words. :)

For more information: Maya Calendar Conversions

Update: There was some misinformation about the calender, that has been corrected. The real issue about the Mayan apocalypse was intentional misinterpretation of Mayan prophecies by Western press. Anyway, we survived! :)

Bahia-Tiki Maya Temple

Bahia-Tiki Maya Temple

Hyper Mole’s Memorial Garden

Silent Mole in Rodel Island

Silent Mole in Rodel Island

Moles are nice guys, who work for Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) and build public mainland destinations little by little. For most of sailors their builds located on the coastal waterways are the most familiar. A great example of them is Skradski castle, situated north from the Blake Sea.

Moles are not seen often, as they work behind the scene silently like real life moles. If you are lucky, you can meet them in mainland, but soon they will rush to continue their work. I still remember my unexpected encounter with Silent Mole last year.

Sadly, Hyper Mole passed away after a long illness some time ago. There is a memorial garden for Hyper Mole in Linden Memorial Park. Hyper was starting building Impetuex and Belliqueux regions in the eastern Satori, but unfortunately never got them ready. Hyper participated to many building projects in Bay City and some other projects around the grid.

Rest in peace, Hyper! Your effort will be remembered.

Hyper Mole's Memorial Garden

Hyper Mole’s Memorial Garden

Snow, snow, snow…

Winter in Sailors Cove

My former home in Sailors Cove

Do you love snowmen, shed sliding, snowy trees, ice skating, snowball fights and all the cool activities of winter? If you do, there are many beautiful winter locations to visit in SL. Some estates have even 2-4 different seasons, that don’t let the residents or visitors to get bored to the landscape so easily.

Winter in New England

New England in December

Sailors Cove is probably one of the largest areas, which has seasons (summer, autumn and winter). The estate consists of uncountable number of regions and they all get winter look in November. The management must be busy on making the changes. Not only the ground gets snow, but the trees are replaced with those matching with seasons. Some people like to add snowmen, ice pikes and other details to their homes.

New England inspired Sailors Cove builders, and naturally the New England area has the same seasons too, even if the management doesn’t want to enforce winter in those homestead sims, where the owner doesn’t like snow. During this winter most of the sims have a beautiful snow cover.

Winter in Sund

Winter in Second Norway

Second Norway, which was joined to Blake Sea some months ago, got its winter look some time ago too. The Norwegian style is a nice addition to the United Sailing Sims (USS) area, which is dominated by tropical, New England and Northern Woods styles. Miklagard marina is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Second Norway.

Naturally, there are many beautiful winter locations outside of the USS area too, but sadly their landmass is quite limited typically. Recently I visited in Tatty Soup, which is a commercial sim, but it’s great for exploring and photography too.

For a never-ending winter lovers, there is an area in Sansara continent, which has tens of sims with winter texture. It has some interesting locations, like a small Swiss-themed Arosa village, which is situated under the biggest mainland mountain in SL, and a frozen lake in Zermatt.

Winter in Tatty Soup

Snowy pastures in Tatty Soup

Flying Fizz cup 2012

No posts for ages, but I’m still alive and kicking sailing!

Flying Fizz Cup is an annual sailing event, which is possibly the most famous competition of the year. Flying Fizz 3 itself is considered by many as the most realistic boat in SL. It’s easy enough for a novice but offers challenge for even the most experienced sailors. A remarkable feature of Flying Fizz is its dial, which shows visually boat direction relative to the wind and boat speed.


Krysha, Ronin and Silber approaching the race line

Today, it was time for the final, with the following finalists Ayahoshi Resident, Krysha Lundquist, Silber Sands, Ralf80 Titanium, Ronin Zane and Kris Hollysharp. It was really interesting to follow the race of those six highly skilled sailors. After four races, the cup was over with the following results:

Gold: Silber Sands
Silver: Ralf80 Titanium
Bronze: Ronin Zane

Congratulations to the winners! :)

Ralf80, Ayahoshi, Silber, Krysha and Ronin on the 2nd race

Ralf80, Ayahoshi, Silber, Krysha and Ronin in the 2nd race