Snow, snow, snow…

Winter in Sailors Cove

My former home in Sailors Cove

Do you love snowmen, shed sliding, snowy trees, ice skating, snowball fights and all the cool activities of winter? If you do, there are many beautiful winter locations to visit in SL. Some estates have even 2-4 different seasons, that don’t let the residents or visitors to get bored to the landscape so easily.

Winter in New England

New England in December

Sailors Cove is probably one of the largest areas, which has seasons (summer, autumn and winter). The estate consists of uncountable number of regions and they all get winter look in November. The management must be busy on making the changes. Not only the ground gets snow, but the trees are replaced with those matching with seasons. Some people like to add snowmen, ice pikes and other details to their homes.

New England inspired Sailors Cove builders, and naturally the New England area has the same seasons too, even if the management doesn’t want to enforce winter in those homestead sims, where the owner doesn’t like snow. During this winter most of the sims have a beautiful snow cover.

Winter in Sund

Winter in Second Norway

Second Norway, which was joined to Blake Sea some months ago, got its winter look some time ago too. The Norwegian style is a nice addition to the United Sailing Sims (USS) area, which is dominated by tropical, New England and Northern Woods styles. Miklagard marina is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Second Norway.

Naturally, there are many beautiful winter locations outside of the USS area too, but sadly their landmass is quite limited typically. Recently I visited in Tatty Soup, which is a commercial sim, but it’s great for exploring and photography too.

For a never-ending winter lovers, there is an area in Sansara continent, which has tens of sims with winter texture. It has some interesting locations, like a small Swiss-themed Arosa village, which is situated under the biggest mainland mountain in SL, and a frozen lake in Zermatt.

Winter in Tatty Soup

Snowy pastures in Tatty Soup


6 thoughts on “Snow, snow, snow…

  1. Please, can you justify your opinion, Bea? :) I know, that they are laggy and the waterway to Blake Sea is not short. Still, I find the marina beautiful, especially during summer.

    • A quiet place towards which some former sailors withdrew, far away from SL Sailing agitation, to live out their final days and their rare online moments… so shh… :)

      • LOL! I can imagine, those former sailors want to have their peace, but hope they could recover and return to the virtual waters… Nice to hear from you, Bea. :)

  2. A nice collection of winter weather sites, Timo. You’ve highlighted some of the best, for sure—I love them all! I don’t know if you’ve sailed it or not, but on the continent of Sansara in the Snowlands region there is a multi-sim bay that has very large ice flows in it. It is very scenic and makes for a wonderful place to take photos while around the icebergs.

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