Hyper Mole’s Memorial Garden

Silent Mole in Rodel Island

Silent Mole in Rodel Island

Moles are nice guys, who work for Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) and build public mainland destinations little by little. For most of sailors their builds located on the coastal waterways are the most familiar. A great example of them is Skradski castle, situated north from the Blake Sea.

Moles are not seen often, as they work behind the scene silently like real life moles. If you are lucky, you can meet them in mainland, but soon they will rush to continue their work. I still remember my unexpected encounter with Silent Mole last year.

Sadly, Hyper Mole passed away after a long illness some time ago. There is a memorial garden for Hyper Mole in Linden Memorial Park. Hyper was starting building Impetuex and Belliqueux regions in the eastern Satori, but unfortunately never got them ready. Hyper participated to many building projects in Bay City and some other projects around the grid.

Rest in peace, Hyper! Your effort will be remembered.

Hyper Mole's Memorial Garden

Hyper Mole’s Memorial Garden


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