Dawn of 2013

2012We survived from the much feared day in Mayan calendar without major issues, and now it’s time to wait for the year 2013 of Gregorian calendar. Even if Linden Lab has been very quiet during the whole year, many good things have been brought to Second Life. Mesh support has matured. Region crossing problems have become lesser. High resolution snapshot seam problem was fixed. Mesh Deformer has been under testing and maturation.

In the sailing scene, there have been many new things going on too. Numerous new boats have been built, especially those based on BWind technology. Francois Jacques, the highly respected figure in the sailing community, passed away in real life. The Second Norway joined the Blake Sea, that enriched the area’s spectrum of different styles. The famous Fizz Cup was held and finished successfully.

But what will happen in 2013? Will there be some ground-breaking inventions from LL or residents, that affect to lives of all of us? What about the threaded region crossing changes?

What do you wish and expect?

Dawn of Tomorrow

Dawn of Tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Dawn of 2013

  1. Easy! I wish for the sailing community to have an even better and more realistic sailing experience. I expect tiers to be lowered so that everybody can afford a tiny piece of land.

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