Modern Cabin

I decided to create something modern and minimalistic on Blender, something that wouldn’t take ages to get ready. Earlier I wasn’t so big fan of modern architecture, and still don’t like those discordant elements in many modern works (but hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!). Modern architecture offers several advantages over the traditional one, because you can manage space, light and materials without any constraints enforced by style requirements. In other words, the feel of your house is completely under your control.

After outlining a house idea on paper, it was time to start concentrating on the implementation.

The cabin in building platform

The cabin on building platform

I thought, the cabin would be quick to make, and that was partly true. It took only couple of evenings to get the mesh in shape, but UV mapping and textures were the more challenging part. Anyway, after several weeks, it was time put the hammer and saw back in the toolbox and sit down to evaluate the result.

The entrance

The entrance

The house contains only one script, which is included in the both mesh doors. It works inside a link set and doesn’t expect any special tricks with door, like making half of it invisible.

What else could be said? I’m happy, it’s ready finally. If you like to view it in-world, you are welcome to visit me and have a tour. The land impact of the cabin is 26.




6 thoughts on “Modern Cabin

  1. Yay, congratulations on the build of this house. It is simple and with clean, modern lines. Am I correct to assume that the shadows are from the Linden sun and not a built-in texture that is part of the house?

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