Vi er Større!


Havna harbor in the northern part

It’s really refreshing to see, that there are places in Second Life, that grow, when so many other places shrink or vanish permanently. Second Norway is a great example of this. It’s not a long time ago, when it was merged to United Sailing Sims area near the Blake Sea. Now there are several new sims, that have some open waters available for sailing and several islands for living. Vik region has even its own race line, which can be used for sailing races. I would even say, that those new sims are the best part of Second Norway so far.

Swedish house in Havna

Traditional Scandinavian house in Havna

Rez your boat and head to Second Norway! Så, hva venter du på?! :)


7 thoughts on “Vi er Større!

    • Orca, you are right, that there are only Swedish flags in the pictures. I wouldn’t be surprised, if Swedes liked to live in Second Norway too. Well, you can find German and US flags in the area as well.

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  2. I was really happy for my friend who in 2012 helped to organize and facilitate the move of SL Norway from remote private sims west of the mainlands to join the USS and attach their sims to the far eastern mainland region east of Blake Sea. From what I have seen, the move has added interest and traffic to the USS mainland areas in much the way that Sailors Cove and SL New England sims have in the past. SL Norway continues to grow in services and land in response to residents input which I think shows great respect for responsiveness to the residents who have an interest in the area. I continue to look for new things to come from the wonderful people at SL Norway and hope that everyone will take time to go explore. Sail in by way of Snug Harbor, fly in to the newly repositioned international airport, take the underground subway to the city centre, and drive your car or motorbike freely through the many sims that are interconnected by roadways. It is a delightful place!

    • Thanks for your comment, Dahlia! Your points about Second Norway are really good. They have brought an original new theme and culture to the USS area, that I appreciate a lot myself. Recently they have done some restructuring of their sims, that has made the area more suitable for sailors. There are also rumors, that they are planning to build a railroad in the southern part of the estate.

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