Never Ever Give Up

It’s easy to sail in the big waters, but sometimes you may get “landlocked”, when circumstances change. Still, there is hope for better always… ;)

Land, Ho!

Cruising in the waters of Dryland

Dryland is an impressive creation by Anita Witt. The place may remind you of The Aral Sea, where the irrigation project of Soviet Union turned a large lake into a desert and forced the local fishers to find a new profession. Dryland is open for the public.


Baja Norte

Would you like to visit in an island with beaches, rocks, palm trees, cactuses and places to cuddle with a friend or meditate alone? Baja Norte is a really fabulous place to spend time and enjoy the nature there. The island was made by Jac Mornington, who opened it accessible to the public.

Baja Norte

Baja Norte

Why Do I Blog Meme

Hummm, since it seems, that all the great bloggers participate to Strawberry Singh’s challenge, I decided to add my two cents too. So, here we go…

  1. How long have you been blogging? Since September 2010, but I have had really quiet periods.
  2. Why did you start blogging? Well, it’s a cool thing and I wanted to try something new.
  3. How many times a week do you post an entry? Ahem… You probably mean, how many times per month do I post an entry. 1-2 posts per month might be a realistic estimate nowadays. If you spend all the time writing blog posts, how can you gather inspirations and ideas for new ones? I’m not a full-time journalist with a scorecard… lol
  4. How many different blogs do you read on a regular basis? Let me see… I follow the blogs by my mobile phone with an app called Feedly. There are maybe around 50 different blogs and about 15 of them are related to SL.
  5. Do you comment on other people’s blogs? I comment on others’ blogs, when I have something to say.
  6. Do you keep track of how many visitors you have? Yes, I check out the visitor counters and country stats of WordPress every now and then. It’s good to know, which topics people like and how much different sources (Flickr, Tumblr, other blogs) bring traffic to the blog.
  7. Did you ever regret a post that you wrote? Not at all, because my posts are quite neutral and try not provocate anyone. The only thing I regret sometimes is, that I didn’t proof read my post once again, especially because English is my 2nd language. Usually it’s good to set a scheduled automatic posting for the following day, because blog posts seem to get better after a well-slept night… ;)
  8. Do you think your readers have a true sense of who you are based on your blog? Well, my readers will learn to know me by reading my blog. I think, that’s the only thing, that matters…
  9. Do you blog under your real name? No, I blog under my Second Life name, because my blog is about the world, where my avi lives.
  10. Are there topics that you would never blog about? My blog has its own theme and many topics are simply out of scope. Adult-rated posts are an example of this.
  11. What is the theme/topic of your blog? The main theme of my blog is Second Life, but other virtual worlds are covered sometimes too. Sailing, exploration, geography, building, photography and architecture are my passions. Isn’t it natural, that you see them often?
  12. Do you have more than one blog? If so, why? Currently I have only one blog, but I have a Flickr account too. Why do I have only one blog? Well, keeping one blog alive is a big enough challenge for me. :)
  13. What have you found to be the benefits of blogging? My blog allows me to analyze and structure the virtual world, which is so unstructured mess often. It’s also nice to show pictures and feelings of events and places, that may not be in the future anymore. When I find something great in SL, I like to share that with others. Sometimes the blog posts bring me new interesting contacts in-world, that’s a great thing.
  14. So, why do you continue to blog? Well, rolling stones never moss. As stated in the previous answer, blogging has its benefits. It’s nice to express yourself and see, that people like the posts and even find them helpful.
Watching the clouds

Looking for inspiration