Let’s go Ebbe!

Recently Strawberry Singh started another Meme about three things, we would like to tell Ebbe Linden, who is the new CEO of Linden Lab. So, I got not only free flat Ebbe but also flat Rodvik and asked a friendly Spanish woman on the beach to be a model for a while. Thanks for posing, Marie! So, here we go! :)

Let's go Ebbe!

Let’s go Ebbe!

My three comments for Ebbe are:

  1. Please, fix the Second Life ToS soon! We don’t feel comfortable, that Lab clones our immaterial rights and makes it too complex to use 3rd-party textures (and other elements) in SL. Myself I have been very unmotivated to upload anything to Second Life since the ToS change in last August.
  2. Please, have a look at United Sailing Sims area around the Blake Sea. There is a wonderful sailing community and the estates are beautiful! Does the development and continuation of the area get the full support from your staff?
  3. Happy community is the best marketing tool, you can have. You can make us happy by listening to us.

That’s all for today. We will raise the sails soon and head for the big waters. Happy Easter to you all! :)


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