Surviving from Drones


There is no place, where you wouldn’t be watched. I saw this drone in Second Life. It’s a fact, that we are been watched — both online and offline. If you see strange flying vehicles hovering over your home, you can recognize and deal with them with help of Drone Survival Guide. The guide is written in both English and Pashto language (which is spoken in Afganistan).

So, keep on watching! ;)


The Secret Police

Stone Lions

When I was a child, my favorite books were The Chronicles of Narnia, which is a children fantasy series. Its most famous novel is called as The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which tells about adventures of four English children in a fantasy world of Narnia. It was took over by White Witch, who was a self-nominated Queen of Narnia. She hated summer and had turned the world into “always Winter, but never Christmas” place. The witch feared just one thing, which could have made her whole plan to fail. There was an old prophecy about four children, that would start ruling the country one day. They would bring the summer back.

Narnia was a charmed place, controlled by White Witch’s secret police. Its chief was Maugrim, a bloodthirsty wolf. The whole country feared the secret police and many of the residents were even allied with them, to inform the White Witch about any signs of the four or other forms of rebellion. Even many of the trees were spies of the witch, that made it difficult for friends of summer to communicate about the situation openly.

One day Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, from our world, arrived at Narnia. It didn’t take long, until the White Witch heard about them, and started to chase them furiously with help of her secret police. Well, if you have never read the whole story, I’m not going to expose the whole plot… Hurry up to the library and borrow the classic! :)

This fictional story has so many analogies to the current events. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to identify the secret police. In our world, there are not four children, but a brave young man, who didn’t want to live in a world, where everything, you do or say, is recorded. What about the White Witch? Well, maybe finding an individual is not the best match, but there are attitudes about civil rights and power, that most of people don’t agree with.

The story about Narnia had a happy end, but we don’t know, how this real life story will be. I agree with many, that the young man did the right thing and he is a hero. It’s a pity, that the White Witch has so many allies. Still, as the Beavers knew, the Lion is “on the move again”.