Why I Rather Sail

Sometimes sailing trips can be full of surprises. Anyone needing a ride…?


Aboard again

After a long break, it was nice to sail in the Blake Sea again and in the surrounding estates too. It seems, that there have been some restructuring in Sailors Cove. Trudeau New York 30 is a nice boat, even if needs a lot of open water.

Deck Party?

Deck Party?

Sailboat Prototype

I wanted to find out, if it was be possible to build a sailboat in Cloud Party. One of the content creators was kind to build a simple reference sailing ship. It didn’t support collisions, advanced sailing physics or even keyboard controls, but still it was an exciting experience and I’m thankful for his demo and helpfulness.

One of the Cloud Party developers gave me some ideas, how to start the sailboat project. I made a simple sailboat prototype mesh and script, to see how a simulated floating vehicle would behave. However, the first challenge was to make the sailboat float. Since the Cloud Party physics doesn’t know the water level, water doesn’t have any effect on the boat. A natural consequence of this was, that the boat sank like a stone, that was a quite discouraging experience. :(

But it doesn't float...

But it doesn’t float…

The only solution, to prevent the boat from sinking, was to disable gravity and simulate floating behavior in the sailboat script. That may not be the most elegant solution, but currently we don’t have anything else. Since keyboard controls (namely the arrow keys) can’t be dispatched to the boat script, the sailboat was controlled with local chat commands.

Here we go!

Here we go!

Eventually the boat moved, turned and heeled without major issues. At moment the boat is closer to a motorboat than a sailboat. Still, I’m happy that the proof of concept succeeded!

Next it’s time to replace the ad-hoc physics of the prototype with something more realistic and try make the boat use wind. If Cloud Party development team added a feature, to control simulated vehicles with keyboard, we should have all needed ingredients, to put together a usable sailboat. One day we will be there. :)

Walking on the deck as the boat moves

Walking on the deck as the boat moves

Cruise in New England

Following the Shoreline

Following the Shoreline

New England is among the oldest parts of United Sailing Sims area. There are a lot of to see still, even if it’s not as big as during its Renaissance, when Nantucket was the center, surrounded by lively homesteads and full sims. One of the highlights of the area has always been the long island, which consists of two sims, Point of Pines and Lands End, currently. Its actually Sudane Erato’s home, who owns and manages the area.

Personnally I have so many memories related to this area, because my fourth home in Second Life was located there, in Watch Hill region (which doesn’t exist anymore), and during that time I had a special scripting project going on with Sudane. That all happened in the latter half of 2009, when Second Life land rush had been declining for some time and many estates were having their death struggle. Fortunately SL New England was among the survivers.

New England waters are a good destination, because there are beautiful nature and houses and landscaping is very consistent in general. If you love the style, how about renting a small piece of land there? :)

Lands End

Lands End

Never Ever Give Up

It’s easy to sail in the big waters, but sometimes you may get “landlocked”, when circumstances change. Still, there is hope for better always… ;)

Land, Ho!

Cruising in the waters of Dryland

Dryland is an impressive creation by Anita Witt. The place may remind you of The Aral Sea, where the irrigation project of Soviet Union turned a large lake into a desert and forced the local fishers to find a new profession. Dryland is open for the public.

Vi er Større!


Havna harbor in the northern part

It’s really refreshing to see, that there are places in Second Life, that grow, when so many other places shrink or vanish permanently. Second Norway is a great example of this. It’s not a long time ago, when it was merged to United Sailing Sims area near the Blake Sea. Now there are several new sims, that have some open waters available for sailing and several islands for living. Vik region has even its own race line, which can be used for sailing races. I would even say, that those new sims are the best part of Second Norway so far.

Swedish house in Havna

Traditional Scandinavian house in Havna

Rez your boat and head to Second Norway! Så, hva venter du på?! :)


Catamarans are interesting boats to sail, because they have their special tricks compared to keel boats. They are bit more challenging to master, but can offer you a really fast sporty ride. The Blake Sea felt so small place in a HepCat. When sailing on the northern shore of Satori continent, I got a hitchhiker aboard. She asked me about yacht clubs and sailing schools.

Trudeau HepCat in the Blake Sea

Trudeau HepCat in the Blake Sea

Morning Wind

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
–William Arthur Ward

Dawn of 2013

2012We survived from the much feared day in Mayan calendar without major issues, and now it’s time to wait for the year 2013 of Gregorian calendar. Even if Linden Lab has been very quiet during the whole year, many good things have been brought to Second Life. Mesh support has matured. Region crossing problems have become lesser. High resolution snapshot seam problem was fixed. Mesh Deformer has been under testing and maturation.

In the sailing scene, there have been many new things going on too. Numerous new boats have been built, especially those based on BWind technology. Francois Jacques, the highly respected figure in the sailing community, passed away in real life. The Second Norway joined the Blake Sea, that enriched the area’s spectrum of different styles. The famous Fizz Cup was held and finished successfully.

But what will happen in 2013? Will there be some ground-breaking inventions from LL or residents, that affect to lives of all of us? What about the threaded region crossing changes?

What do you wish and expect?

Dawn of Tomorrow

Dawn of Tomorrow

Flying Fizz cup 2012

No posts for ages, but I’m still alive and kicking sailing!

Flying Fizz Cup is an annual sailing event, which is possibly the most famous competition of the year. Flying Fizz 3 itself is considered by many as the most realistic boat in SL. It’s easy enough for a novice but offers challenge for even the most experienced sailors. A remarkable feature of Flying Fizz is its dial, which shows visually boat direction relative to the wind and boat speed.


Krysha, Ronin and Silber approaching the race line

Today, it was time for the final, with the following finalists Ayahoshi Resident, Krysha Lundquist, Silber Sands, Ralf80 Titanium, Ronin Zane and Kris Hollysharp. It was really interesting to follow the race of those six highly skilled sailors. After four races, the cup was over with the following results:

Gold: Silber Sands
Silver: Ralf80 Titanium
Bronze: Ronin Zane

Congratulations to the winners! :)

Ralf80, Ayahoshi, Silber, Krysha and Ronin on the 2nd race

Ralf80, Ayahoshi, Silber, Krysha and Ronin in the 2nd race