Flying Fizz cup 2012

No posts for ages, but I’m still alive and kicking sailing!

Flying Fizz Cup is an annual sailing event, which is possibly the most famous competition of the year. Flying Fizz 3 itself is considered by many as the most realistic boat in SL. It’s easy enough for a novice but offers challenge for even the most experienced sailors. A remarkable feature of Flying Fizz is its dial, which shows visually boat direction relative to the wind and boat speed.


Krysha, Ronin and Silber approaching the race line

Today, it was time for the final, with the following finalists Ayahoshi Resident, Krysha Lundquist, Silber Sands, Ralf80 Titanium, Ronin Zane and Kris Hollysharp. It was really interesting to follow the race of those six highly skilled sailors. After four races, the cup was over with the following results:

Gold: Silber Sands
Silver: Ralf80 Titanium
Bronze: Ronin Zane

Congratulations to the winners! :)

Ralf80, Ayahoshi, Silber, Krysha and Ronin on the 2nd race

Ralf80, Ayahoshi, Silber, Krysha and Ronin in the 2nd race


Theorietrainings am Montag

Schiffsratten club house in Pslande

My friends in Schiffsratten invited me to visit their club house, after they noticed, I had become their neighbor. Eventually I decided to check out Theorietrainings at Monday. Even if my German skills are quite limited, I wanted to stay for a while in their training and listen to Jeremia Spotter lecturing. Typical German precision was easily visible in all details.

Racing on Shelly at Blake Sea

After the training, it was time to put the new skills into practise by having a race. The boat used was Shelly, which is a very basic and simple vessel to sail, but still you need to understand the basics. Since I didn’t own a Shelly, Jeremia and Silber showed me a place, where to get one for free.

I invited my friend, Elmarsia, to participate to the race with me. She had never sailed before and was glad to try. After I noticed, that Shelly had a center board and that the boat ran really slow on tailwind, I started to get touch on it. There was also some problems with the world map, that made navigation quite challenging.

Eventually I crossed the finish line, yay!

The race is over