Circumventing Terric

Honah Lee from Terric

Those, who ever have sailed the coast of Satori continent, have likely encountered an obstacle in its eastern waters. There is a peninsula-like region called Terric (slurl), which has a huge shopping area. South from it there are some sailable waters, but the only way to access them is to fly or teleport over Terric and rez your boat somewhere after the region.

Fortunately, the recent good news are, that Linden Lab added finally few new sims (Monarque, AlcideBelliqueux and Impetueux) in the east coast of Satori, that allow sailors to bypass this problematic sim by sailing. Some time ago the new waterway in the northwest opened a route to the west coast of Satori and now this new change does the same for the east coast. If Linden Labs keeps on improving waterways in the area, who knows, if we can sail around Satori continent one day in future… :)

There is another change related to the new waterway too. Honah Lee Estates expanded their area to west, filling the cap between their estate and Satori. In other words, there is a nice new waterway connecting United Sailing Sims and mainland. Actually this is the first place outside of Blake Sea, where the USS area connects to the mainland.

In other words, there are new waters and waterways for sailors to explore. Also the aviation fans should be happy for the new airspace.


Sailing in Nascera

Near the modern part

Nascera is not a typical mainland continent, because look of houses and landscaping there is taken care by Linden Labs instead of residents. Aesthetically this guarantees a very consistent environment, where many new residents have found their first homes. Still, it has attracted some more experienced people too, especially if they already have a premium account, which is the only requirement of citizenship. When living in a Linden house, you have a lot of neighbors, that allows you to make new friends easily, if you are not shy to initiate a chat. :)

The landscape of the continent looks best, when viewed bit further, that may require looking for an open place in the world map. For  some reason frame rates tend to get low near Linden homes.

In the waters of Nascera

How about sailing? Probably sailboats are not often seen in the waters of Nascera. Still, there is at least one less well-known pier (slurl), which you can use to rez your sailboat and start cruising. The southern water area consists of about 30 sims with a lot of open water. It’s a great experience to sail under Hoshigarei bridge, which is an impressive landmark connecting two Japanese-themed shores together. Nascera is a quiet and peaceful place to sail and worth trying for those sailors, who would like to try something new.

Western Satori Waterway

Western Satori

Linden Department of Public Works is a program in Linden Labs focused on improvements related to the experience of living on or visiting the Linden mainland. It coordinated creation of Bay City, Nautilus, highways, railroad (in Heterocera Atoll), Blake Sea, Zindra and The Coastal Waterway, which is stillan ongoing project. The actual work is done by Residents and Moles, who are not Linden employees but kind of freelancers, that create content to LL and are paid an hourly rate. Linden lab has recognized their talents and invited them to help on improving mainland. The LDPW program is open to all residents and if you feel talented, you can send LL an application. Currently the program is managed by Michael Linden.


For some time Rodel island has been known as the westernmost lonely island in the strait accessible from Blake Sea. However, moles have done their silent work in the background, that has resulted an enhanced waterway at the western shore of Satori continent. There are several new sailable regions added to the northwest shore and new islands created in Tweehdeck, Orlop, Wardroom, Ballast, Scar, Hathor and Innini.

Aproaching Wardroom

We decided to try the new route from Rodel (slurl) to Innini (slurl) by sailboat. The waterway from Rodel to Orlop was very good and the sailing conditions felt normal too despite of the weekend. Orlop is a mountaneous island with waterfalls and and a cable bridge. It doesn’t have a rez zone.

Wardroom is the next island south from Orlop and has hilly terrain. In the island there is a house, a broken pier (with rez zone), an old boat, some chairs and other detail. The next island to south is Ballast, where you can relax in a hammock between palm trees. For divers there is some nice detail below the sea surface.

The waterway continues to south but channel passing Atira is very narrow. Fortunately after Chloris there is more water to sail again. The last new islands in the sequence were Hathor and Innini, which was my favorite, because of its pier (with a rez zone), hammock and couple of swimming rings, you could use with your friend.


Recently I chatted with one of the Moles about their plans but unfortunately he couldn’t reveal much about them. Who knows, if we can sail around Satori continent in the future but the new waterway is a really nice place for the sailors and the residents of the continent, especially when sailing conditions are good. Great work moles!

At West Shore Of Satori

Quest Q-2m

Q-2m in Blake Sea

Most of the boats, I usually sail are from the same line, but sometimes it’s good to try something new. Quest Q-2m is a quite fresh sailboat powered by BWind engine, which has its own special “touch”.

I would say, that the boat is surprisingly easy to sail, because there is a clear color indication helping to find an optimal sail angle. The heavy keel also seems to keep the boat in balance very efficiently. This boat might be good for those learning basics of sailings, because there are not too many things to adjust and you can’t make to boat go upside down accidentally (also known as capsizing). The jib can be winged out, that is something, which sailors should take care of by themselves, if they want to maximize speed. There is only one real weakness in this boat, because it’s sometimes difficult to perceive wind direction, because there is only numerical indicator in the advanced hud mode. Q-2m is already included in SLSA rankings, that should make it a famous boat in races.

Quest boat models and demos in Eden Gannet

Q-2m supports two persons, skipper included. It’s clearly designed as a racing boat, but still looks beautiful. It should be noticed too, that minimum depth of the water is two meters because of the keel. In Blake Sea and United Sailing Sims area this should not be a problem, but there are shallower waters, where you need to be more careful.

Anyway, Q-2m is a nice and easy boat to sail. You can buy one in Eden Gannet, where the main Quest shipyard is located. All the boats have also demos and manuals available for free.

Theorietrainings am Montag

Schiffsratten club house in Pslande

My friends in Schiffsratten invited me to visit their club house, after they noticed, I had become their neighbor. Eventually I decided to check out Theorietrainings at Monday. Even if my German skills are quite limited, I wanted to stay for a while in their training and listen to Jeremia Spotter lecturing. Typical German precision was easily visible in all details.

Racing on Shelly at Blake Sea

After the training, it was time to put the new skills into practise by having a race. The boat used was Shelly, which is a very basic and simple vessel to sail, but still you need to understand the basics. Since I didn’t own a Shelly, Jeremia and Silber showed me a place, where to get one for free.

I invited my friend, Elmarsia, to participate to the race with me. She had never sailed before and was glad to try. After I noticed, that Shelly had a center board and that the boat ran really slow on tailwind, I started to get touch on it. There was also some problems with the world map, that made navigation quite challenging.

Eventually I crossed the finish line, yay!

The race is over